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For over 100 years, the Christ Child Society has been devoted to improving the lives of children in need. The Christ Child Society of Fort Wayne is a charitable organization of volunteers of many denominations devoted to serving at-risk children regardless of race or creed.


 The National Christ Child Society was founded in 1887 in Washington, D.C. by Mary Virginia Merrick. As a teenager, Miss Mary suffered debilitating injuries from a fall. Despite being confined to her bed or a wheelchair for the rest of her life, Miss Mary sought to serve the poorest in her community. Upon learning of an expectant mother who could not afford to clothe her new baby, Miss Mary set out, with the help of family and friends, sewing baby clothing for those in need. Her ability to work past her physical limitations and her zeal for service inspired others to join her in her mission, thus beginning the Christ Child Society. Her legacy continues in over 40 chapters nationwide dedicated to challenging poverty in their communities, one child at a time.

"Nothing is ever too much to do for a child."

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