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President’s Message

I am honored to be the 13th Chapter President, working alongside women of all
backgrounds. This opportunity to serve the least of our city’s children is inspiring. The
energy of service flowing through these women has been modeled for us in Mary Virginia
Merrick, National Founder, with the 24 women who started this Chapter in Fort Wayne. It
never ceases to inspire me when I see a child’s smile and their parents’ gratefulness shine upon having one of our members minister to them. Our members are willing to sacrifice for others and radiate, in themselves, a child-like cheerfulness throughout each ministry workday. Members empower, dignify, serve, love and engage children in need, seeing the Christ Child Himself in every one of their faces. Our donors are remarkable and generous, astounding me with the amount of charity they pour out for us.

I am humbled to be in this position to see the admirable endeavor of this organization to
“find a need and fill it” unceasingly. Serving the children with this group will forever serve
as an example of God’s redemptive love for us and continue to impact me into the future!


Tina Bailey, President
Christ Child Society – Fort Wayne

Tina Bailey